Come Round is a word of mouth marketing agency 100% dedicated to harnessing the power of real people going about their everyday lives recommending the products and services they genuinely love.

Come Round is the only agency working across the entire spectrum – from consumers who already love your brand or could love it, right through to micro-influencers.

Established in 2009, long before anyone had uttered the words ‘influencer marketing’, we’ve run campaigns in the UK, USA, Austraila, France, Germany and Italy.

The full spectrum

We are in a unique position able to involve the full spectrum of people in our clients’ campaigns. Some clients want to engage with consumers; others prefer micro-influencers. Most clients like a rich mixture of both. We choose the best route for our clients.

Micro-influencers are great for online reach and online awareness but not necessarily for authenticity since many of them only post about what they are paid to post about. Consumers are great for delivering genuine word of mouth recommendations to their friends and family, which affect purchase decisions.