Whether you’re developing a new product for launch, have one ready to go-to- market, or simply need to boost awareness or trial of an existing product, we can help ensure your trialists engage and share their thoughts with you allowing you to gain deeper insight and greater Return on Investment (ROI).

There are various ways through which we can gather qualitative and quantitative data on attitudes and behaviours and turn it into valuable insight for your brand.

We can also help you activate the insight to develop strategic action plans to grow sales further. In addition to insightful results and recommendations we can also facilitate a planning workshop so that you are able to digest the results fully with the broader business or retailers and agree a plan to activate the insights.

Qualitative via Groups

A moderator also attends a party where the host tries the product(s) in a group setting with their friends and family. The partygoers carry out various engagement related tasks and feed back their immediate opinions.

In addition to attitudes, this also allows behavioural insight to be gleaned as tasks can be set to specifically stimulate awareness and feedback of a specific feature/benefit.

The moderator can also further explore behaviours / opinions to understand the underlying ‘whys’ and unlock further insight.

Quantitative via Product Tests or Surveys

If you have a product that you would like to develop further, or gauge the future success of, our in-use product test allows respondents to try the product at home/workplace and then share their opinions.

We can use our database to recruit the desired respondents, who use the product for a set period of time. The usage data is then analyzed and insights shared back to you.


We can use our extensive consumer database to send out surveys to a defined target audience. Whether you need to quickly whittle down a few concepts, or have a burning consumer issue that you need an answer to, we can quickly recruit desired respondents and provide insightful answers.

All three services can be carried out specifically with influencers, or with ‘standard’ consumers who are either demographically representative or a pre-defined target sample, whichever best suits your business needs.


A Come Round Insight project will:

  • create a deeper understanding of your consumer and market
  • allow you hone your concept / product to ensure greater success in market
  • enable you to develop a go-to-market plan based on genuine insight
  • provide actionable insight to help you engage other broader business members / retailers with your product


  • Propensity to purchase
  • Propensity to recommend and talk about your product
  • Brand fit
  • Purchasing behavior
  • Sell-in ability with customer teams / retailers