Word of mouth marketing has never been more powerful

Such a brilliant start to our 10th anniversary year to have so many wonderful clients (some old, some new) running campaigns with us (Leon Restaurants, Sony Music Entertainment, Arla Foods)

Anyone who has known us since the start – back in 2010 – will know how much we believe in the power of #wordofmouth. I’m talking about real people influencing their friends and family about products they like, simply because they like those products and not because they’re paid money to advertise them on social media.

Being paid to advertise to thousands of followers is great if quick advertising is the goal (side note – that should be called ‘Follower Advertising’ not #InfluencerMarketing in our opinion).

However, people telling their actual friends and family they should try a certain cereal or watch a certain movie (because they actually know that person and know what they will like) is what changes behaviour and produces long-term purchasers and brand advocates. That is what we consider Influencer Marketing.

Long live #wordofmouthmarketing!

Long live #properinfluencermarketing #realinfluencermarketing with #realpeople