Our in-home brand advocacy campaigns provide your brand with a platform that leverages the power of social influencer marketing by identifying, engaging, equipping and empowering online influencers as well as your target audiencel We give them the chance to fall in love with your brand, become brand advocates, generate word-of-mouth recommendations, as well as create unique generated content, which have a measurable real world sales impact.

This entire process is facilitated through the Come Round platform, which is completely automated and guides the influencer through from start to finish. We source and send each influencer an exclusive party pack containing your product, games and challenges to acquaint them with all the product features and information they’ll want to share with friends. We allow them to form their own opinions and recount stories to their friends and families through word-of-mouth.


  • Boost product adoption through trial.
  • Inspire social conversations.
  • Drive WOM recommendations at scale
  • Create long term brand advocates.
  • Create unique, engaging content through bespoke party activities.
  • Generate in-depth consumer insight.
  • Generate increased propensity to purchase.
  • Integrate seamlessly into existing marketing activity, positively impacting the recall of ATL.


  • Tracking number of offline conversations and recommendations that happen between waves 0, 1 and 2 (host/influencer, partygoer, and partygoers’ friends).
  • Propensity to purchase.
  • Propensity to recommend and talk about your product.
  • Tracking purchasing behaviour.
  • Tracking NPS shift.
  • Tracking online conversations.
  • Tracking online and offline reach.
  • Using Nielsen’s Matched Panel Analysis to track net sales as a direct result of a campaign.