All of these services have one thing in common. They all harness the power of real people for the benefit of our clients.

Herbert Simon (Nobel prize winning economist) famously noted that, ‘a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention’.
We’ve spent over 10 years specialising in cutting through all the information and grabbing people’s attention.

Party marketing

Hundreds of simultaneous parties themed around a client’s product. Parties are held in homes and workplaces across each country, with strategic activities for each host and their guests to carry out – the best way to get people to come round to liking a product.

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Savvy sampling

We sort out the good influencers from the bad ones as clients realise they’re wasting money paying the wrong influencers.

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Corrective reviews

Where clients have bad or few reviews, we turn them around legally and ingeniously, not unlike corrective surgery.

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Influencer vetting

Tailored targeted sampling instead of random anonymous sampling.

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